Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Duff Ball- Aka "Senior class prom"

BBQ in the park.

Horse races/casino where Laura and I happened to to win 100bucks each on the penny slots. (Me with my winnings voucher above)
Me with Uncle Ezra (the founder of Cornell)

Twilight cruise on Cayuga lake.

Wine tasting at vineyards on Seneca Lake.
I graduated a week ago and the days leading up to graduation were filled with all of these activities. I have to thank Laura, my now old roommate, but always my best friend for toting her camera around all week. I am at a lose of words on what else to write. I have been back home for little over a week now and Ithaca seems to far away. Thankfully, I know my friends are only a text or a call away no matter where we all end up eventually. Since I have been home I have started a summer class, picked up a few shifts waitressing, and made the switch from my terribly broken Blackberry to the iPhone. I have also just installed a new router so hopefully my internet here will finally work and I will be able to keep this blog alive!

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