Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dressing room drama

Shirt and Skirt- Wet Seal
Have you ever been in a store roaming the racks when you spot someone sifting through an item you instantly have to have your hands on? The person hoovers there debating whether or not they're going to pick the item up, of course taking their precious time while you're silently freaking out begging them with your hawk gaze to "move bitch, move out the way." Clearly this has happened to me. I am always worried the person will grab the last of my size, seize the said dream item and my heart will be crushed. This was my experience when I laid eyes on this skirt. I don't know what it was about the skirt but I had to have it. No matter what type of bottoms I try on I always need to throw a top on to see how the bottom could look. This shirt just happened to be another item I picked up on my way to the dressing room. The shirt was $5 and strangely after seeing it with the nonsense skirt I decided they belonged together and purchased them both.

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