Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mix and Match

T-shirt- Target, Skirt- Forever 21
I am so in love with statement necklaces right now which is really strange considering I rarely wear any type of necklace anymore. If I was rollin' in the dough I would definitely purchase this bad boy Leandra from the Man Repeller was spotted wearing on Instagram. If you're looking to invest in a good statement necklace without spending $500 I would say head over to JCrew they have items like this gorgeous piece at a fraction of a price (or hit up the JCrew outlet which also has its own site!). For those of us (myself included) who can't seem to spend crazy amounts of money on jewelry that isn't real gold I would suggested you check out BaubleBar.com. My friend Hannah just introduced me to the site  when she was pleased with the quality of her purchases, and trust me Hannah knows jewelry. This piece particularly caught my eye.
After all that I happen to be wearing a statement necklace from Target that I failed to photograph properly. I do however love the idea of dressing up a tee with a bold necklace, and then dressing down the skirt by throwing on a pair of Converse. I promise to have a better picture of the necklace the next time I wear it probably paired with another graphic tee.

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