Monday, October 7, 2013

In the details

This is the building they used to show for the apartment building the characters in Friends lived in

A few weekend ago I went into NYC to visit my friend Hannah. I love her apartment in the village which is why I snapped so many pictures of her place. We had great food, amazing coffee, and walked way more than I usually do in a single week, let alone a weekend. I went to the Sax store there for the first time ever and felt like I was in a movie when we were on the shoe floor. The amount of Christian Louboutin's on display was just absurd. We also spotted the infamous Bill Cunningham shooting pumpkins in Union Square, as well as Leandra from the Man Repeller outside a restaurant in SoHo, craziness. It's always an awesome time when I get to see Hannah she's the best tour guide and basically my coffee/food guru.

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