Saturday, November 30, 2013


T-Shirt- H&M, Jeans- Forever21, Scarf- Target, Jacket- Marshall's, Shoes- Payless
This pale pink crop top has to be one of my favorite shirts. I bought it years ago from H&M when crop tops were just becoming a thing. I throw this shirt on all the time because while it is short it doesn't reveal too much and it is so damn comfortable. A short shirt like this one is a perfect pairing with these jeans too because they show off the studs that surround the pockets. The scarf was an impulsive buy last year that I get so much use out of and I fell in love with this jacket the minute I saw it. I think the jacket is the most expensive item in this picture and it was around $40. Also if you ever wonder how I take my pictures you can clearly see my camera and tri-pod stand in the shadows of these pictures whoops!

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