Monday, December 12, 2011

How to turn straight hair wavy.... without heat!

 I have pin straight hair and most of the time I hate this fact. I love curly, voluminous hair, when I was younger I always asked my mom if I could get a perm. Fast forward to now, I still have some seriously straight hair but I've realized that it's no longer the mid 90's and perms aren't in. With that being said I found a way to get the volume I want without even trying. I have thick hair and blow drying takes forever so I shower at night and let my hair air dry. Once it's fairly dry I put it up in my signature Kristin bun and sleep with it like that. This bun is big, and yes I do go out in public with it, especially during days like today where I wear thermal shirts and take final exams. Anyway, finally getting to the point of this post, I've been noticing a lot of videos on YouTube on how to curl ones hair without using heat and I thought hey, that's kind of what I do! So here it is, my one and only hair trick through crappy photobooth pictures. If you have any questions let me know!
 Gather hair together.
 Possibly the strangest part, put your hair in a a small bun, leaving the bottom section of your hair out. Push this section to the front of your head and secure bun with a hair tie. 
 Yes it should look this strange.
 Next separate your hair into two sections.
Next twirl these sections, I twirl them backwards which makes the next step easier.
Tuck these ends into your hair tie at the bottom of your bun. Because my hair is fairly long these days I tuck each end into the elastic twice around. I am holding my hair here after the first tuck.
 And there it is. The Kristin bun.
Taking it out this morning and this was the result. This all varies depending on how long I had the bun in for, but make sure your hair isn't soaking wet when you do this because then it won't dry at all and the waves won't stay.