Monday, January 30, 2012

A class act

Blazer- Macy's, Tank- Gap outlet, Jeans-AE, Boots- Baker's
As I may have mentioned (or bitched about) before I walk about 20 minutes up hill to get to class each day and though it has been snowing I still find myself getting hot. I love my big bulky sweaters but most days I try to work a few layers into my wardrobe to adjust the heat levels. I've had this blazer since 2008 and I still love the 3/4 sleeves and the buttons that my hair always seems to hide. Anyway, I wore this to class the other day with a puffy winter jacket. I happened to find this picture from January 2008 where you can spot the blazer underneath my favorite coat (which I also continue to wear on a regular basis). My boyfriend was giving a nice stare down and I smiled at how long his little brother's hair was, and how terribly red mine was, yikes!

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