Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My would have been Valentine's day

Shirt- thrifted, Skirt- Vanity Fair, Shoes- Burlington Coat Factory
So I realize this outfit is a bit Britney Spears like but this is what I envision myself wearing out to dinner last night if Taylor wasn't miles away. I picked this skirt up at the end of the summer for $16 at a store I rarely go to. I have been lusting after this American Apparel skirt for what feels like forever now, but with the price tag of $74 I just couldn't cave in. I believe some things are worth splurging on, specifically shoes, coats, and a nice quality bag, but that's pretty much where I draw the line.
What items do you guys find to be splurge worthy?

Oh and it appears I spoke too soon about Tayl and I not celebrating V-day because he sent me that gorgeous bouquet yesterday!


  1. If you want I can give you my hair because I hate it ! ^^'

  2. Love it!
    Amazing blog! Can we follow back each other?