Sunday, February 26, 2012

Staying classy... being cheap

When I was waitressing and commuting to school freshman year I was shopping like crazy. The mall was a five minute drive away from my school and getting cash (from my tips) led me to believe that I was loaded. I wasn't, and I'm not now either but I've convinced myself that I could give myself an early birthday treat. Hence here are some pictures from my recent Forever21 purchase, or as I often refer to it as Forever. I spent about $125 on 9 items and I cannot wait for everything to arrive. So for now lets lust over these pictures.

I love a low back and for $10.50 I couldn't say no.

I've been lusting after the white dresses on NastyGal so this lace version will do.

Color blocked, pleated skirt? Enough said.

Forever has these essential item and I bought these in red and black.

Loving chokers.

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  1. Love the first dress! It's so cute!