Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cold equals comfy

Scarf- Target, Sweatshirt- The Cornell Store, Jeans- AE, Shoes- KMart
I have to admit I only bought this sweatshirt 3 years ago because I had a coupon. The letters are completely obnoxious, and I've always steered away from pull-over sweatshirts lacking a hood. Somehow foreseeing the future my roommate, at the time, suggested it to me and without trying it on I purchased it. For whatever reason I've been wearing it constantly this past month. This baby has been to the gym, out on errands, and to bio lab with me. My new found love for this sweatshirt may have something to do with missing Ithaca and my friends, orrrrr it may just be because in my laziness the sweatshirts' home has become the railing at the foot of my bed. I'd rather everyone think I'm nostalgic and not a total mess.

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