Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mint Green


Sweater/T-Shirt- Gap
I fell in love with this mint color a few years ago when everyone was wearing it as nail polish.
Because Chanel seemed to be the only one making the color I lusted after it while continuously telling myself that $22 dollars for a bottle of nail polish was just way too much. Fast forward towards the end of that summer (I want to say it was 2010) and Revlon, one of my favorite nail polishes, had come out with the color. No nail polish has ever been used by me or my roommates as much as that mint color. To wrap up my totally unnecessary story, I love the color mint and when my future sister in law bought me this mint colored sweater for Christmas it only confirmed my love for her. Add to the fact she's thinking of doing Mint and Lavender for the wedding colors and I have to really salute my brother for snagging such an awesome chick. Seriously just search Mint and Lavender wedding in Pinterest and get ready to be awed. 

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